Good handling and versatility
for tight spaces.

The Atego is an ideal solution for medium-duty applications such as distributing goods, transporting construction materials, or in areas where increased manoeuvrability is required. With its robust and reliable technology, it efficiently performs the widest variety of tasks.


Your flexible distribution partner for complex logistics. Whether for in-town or other short-radius deliveries, modern logistics demands more than simply conveying goods from A to B. Pick-up and delivery needs to be punctual or even “just in time”, different types of products require different types of vehicles and certain goods need special handling during transportation. Complex distribution chains require maximum flexibility and reliability – from vehicles and drivers alike.


7XX 9XX 12XX;
12XX L
15XX L
Gross vehicle weight (t)* 6.5 9.5 12 15
Payload (kg)* 2,500 5,000 7,000 9,500
Wheelbases (mm) 3,020; 3,620; 4,220 3,020; 4,820 3,560 - 6,260 3,560 - 5,360
Cabs S-cab; L-cab S-cab; L-cab S-cab; L-cab S-cab; L-cab
Axle configuration 4x2 4x2 4x2 4x2
Engine types In-line 4 In-line 4;
In-line 6
In-line 4;
In-line 6
In-line 4;
In-line 6
Horsepower 122;150 150 - 231 150 - 279 170 - 279
Emission classes Euro 4 Euro 4 Euro 4 Euro 4
Gearboxes (speeds) 6 6 6; 9 6; 9
* technically permitted weights/loads. Payload dependent on configuration

The recipe for success: safety, reliability, profitability and flexibility.

The Atego covers many segments of distribution transport while simultaneously providing functionality, durability, safety and efficiency – for maximum profitability. It’s the ideal choice for in-town and short-radius distribution tasks, helping transport businesses achieve lasting success.

Atego cabs: built to satisfy.

Having a workplace where drivers feel at ease has a positive impact on both motivation and the standard of work carried out. Because everyone has different needs, there are two Atego cab variants to choose from. The two-part frame lowered at the front provides convenient access to all Atego cabs. Once seated, the all-round view, multifunction steering wheel and comfortable seat make a very positive impression.


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