Good handling and versatility
for tight spaces.

The Atego is an ideal solution for medium-duty applications such as distributing goods, transporting construction materials, or in areas where increased manoeuvrability is required. With its robust and reliable technology, it efficiently performs the widest variety of tasks.


For all medium-duty loads. The weight of the goods to be transported is the main factor when selecting a chassis. Cargo of 3 to 10 t is considered the average standard load requiring a medium-duty truck.


10XX A 13XX A 15XX A
Gross vehicle weight (t)* 10.5 13.5 15
Payload (kg)* 5,000 8,200 9,300
Wheelbases (mm) 3,260 3,260; 3,560 3,260; 3,560
Cabs S-cab; L-cab S-cab; L-cab S-cab; L-cab
Axle configuration 4x4 4x4 4x4
Engine types In-line 4;
In-line 6
In-line 4;
In-line 6
In-line 4;
In-line 6
Horsepower 170 - 231 170 - 279 170 - 279
Emission classes Euro 4 Euro 4 Euro 4
Gearboxes (speeds) 6; 9 6; 9 6; 9
* technically permitted weights/loads. Payload dependent on configuration

Maximised payload – on single tyres.

The Atego is a great added value for armies looking for a chassis payload capacity of 9 t on single tyres, suitable for mounting a 4- to 5-metre cargo body.

A rugged fuel tank helps you go the distance.

Equipped with a sturdy, 200-litre aluminium fuel tank, the Atego is an ideal solution for medium-duty applications over mid-range distances.


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